How to Care for Dry Skin: Step by Step Guide

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Our skin is a living organ and its health can determine how our face looks. As we age, it’s natural for our skin to lose moisture. This is especially true if we spend time in air-conditioned places, use sunless tanning equipment, computers, lighting etc.

Dry skin

Dry skin can be a frustrating problem, especially during the winter months. Dry skin is caused when your skin loses its natural oils and moisture. The result is dry, flaky, itchy skin that often cracks or splits.

Dry skin can be caused by many things, including:

  • Age — As you age, the body produces less oil and sweat. This means that the protective layer of oil on your skin gets thinner and drier.
  • Weather — Cold weather can make your skin feel dry and cold air causes your pores to close up. Heat from hot showers or baths also makes your pores close up and makes your skin feel tight and dry.
  • Skin care products — Some products like soaps, shampoos, or moisturizers can strip away too much of the natural oils in your skin leaving it feeling irritated and dry. If you use these products every day they can cause your body to produce less oil which makes it harder for your body to protect itself against bacteria and germs that could cause infection if left untreated.

A lot of people suffer from dry skin and go through their lives without realizing that it doesn’t have to be this way. It can become a big frustration head-ache as there are so many products on the market for your skin like cleanser, moisturizer, treatment, toner and much more.

Dry scaly skin

Dry skin can be annoying and uncomfortable. It can also be difficult to treat. The good news is that dry skin is usually easy to manage and prevent, but it can take some work on your part.

Itchy face, tight skin, it feels like you can peel it off. It’s your skin drying out. Your skin is begging you for help. Here are some tips on how to care for a dry skin.

The first step in treating dry skin is to identify what type of dry skin you have. There are two main types: xerosis (dry, scaling) and ichthyosis (very dry, flaky). Either way, you’ll want to follow these tips:

  • Step1: Keep your hands out of the water as much as possible, especially hot water. The more often you wash your hands with soap and hot water, the drier they get. Hot water also strips essential oils from your skin’s surface, which makes it more susceptible to irritation and cracking. Instead of regular hand washing, use a mild soap substitute (such as liquid hand sanitizers) or just plain water when you need to cleanse your hands between uses.
  • Step2: Use a gentle cleanser. A mild soap or cleansing bar will help remove excess surface oils without stripping moisture from your skin.
  • Step3: Use a moisturizer that contains humectants to attract water to your skin. Humectants draw moisture from the environment and into the skin, and they are often found in products that contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or lactic acid. If you have sensitive skin, try using a product made with aloe vera instead of glycerin to avoid irritation.
  • Step4: Apply moisturizer twice daily – morning and night – for best results. Apply after showering or bathing as well as before bedtime so that your skin has an opportunity to absorb all of the beneficial ingredients during its nightly repair cycle!

Moisturized skin

Hope that this post remedies were helpful for you. The most important thing to remember is that your skin will take time to adjust to any products you choose to use and it will take time to get rid of the flakiness. Stick with it, follow the steps and don’t forget to do your whole body because if you just focus on your face then you WILL break out more! Ask any further questions you may have in the comments below and we’ll answer them as soon as possible.


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